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           Options for     administration, venue and event management
 Example Training & Development Programmes 

Organisation – Large National Water & Wastewater


  • Situation – Training and development need identified as part of a long term improvement programme including ISO 55001 Certification. 

  • Solution – Development of in-house training strategy, materials and train-the-trainer content. Training material included both standard material and ‘what’s next’ content related to the future state of the organisation. Training conducted at hotel facilities across the country. 

  • Key stats – 500+ individuals trained at 3 levels with both internal (written test) and external assessment (3rd party online exam). Training ongoing as part of ‘business as usual’.

  • Outcomes – Programme ongoing with consistently high feedback from both attendees and line management.  

Organisation –  Nuclear Decommissioning


  • Situation – Supporting an organisational improvement programme to bring together maintenance, engineering and project functions around the whole life management of assets.

  • Solution – Series of onsite sessions with mixed groups of up to 20 people from projects, engineering and maintenance combined off the shelf training material with exercises to plan for familiar asset types. Included exercises to identify key blockers and enablers which then provided guidance and targeting for the wider improvement programme. 

  • Key stats – 150 individuals trained.

  • Outcomes – Programme ongoing with subsequent training delivered in-house. 

Organisation –  Metro Rail 

  • Situation – An external review of organisational competences and existing training provision identified a gap around asset lifecycle management.  

  • Solution – Off the shelf materials, customised with industry specific examples and exercises with a simple written knowledge test  

  • Key Stats – 75 individuals trained. 

  • Outcomes – Training completed and a new cross organisational  ‘community of practice’ established by the organisation. 

 Logistics & Venue Support  


Whether onsite, offsite or training at a notable or famous ‘destination’ venue such as a major asset of interest and significance we can support your objectives.

We can organise;


  • Venues and accommodation

  • Materials – online or printed

  • Administration

Contact us to discuss our white label training options. 

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