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Here are a few questions that are common to all training and development journeys; 

We have extensive experience of supporting training and development around the globe and understand that each organisation and situation is unique. 

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           Developing People           

Key Questions:

What are your objectives?

Well-defined and aligned objectives are just as important in training and development as to the rest of Asset and Risk Management. The first stage in considering any training is to make sure you have your objectives, goals or targets well defined (and don't worry, we can help with that too). 

  Kompas Development?  

What type of training is right for me and my organisation?

Once objectives are understood then there are a range of possible options for training. One of our key roles is to explore these with you, they include; 

  • Face to face training, 

  • Onsite or offsite,

  • Individuals, small groups or larger briefings,

  • Workshops, exercises, role-plays and gamification, 

  • Video and remote training, 

  • Blended learning,

  • Printed or online materials,

  • Train the trainer with support and partnering, or

  • A mixtures of one or more of these. 

Customisation and Contextualisation?

We can offer everything from set off the shelf courses through various levels of customisation to fully bespoke courses in order to best meet your objectives. Take a look here at the range of options.


Contact us to discuss your people development needs.

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