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Train the Trainer

Whether you are an Infrastructure Owner, Service Provider or a Consultancy; Train the Trainer (TtT) can be a great long term solution for organisations with benefits all round;

  • Cost – once established internal training capabilities often prove cheaper over the long term

  • Convenience – having a flexible pool of trainers locally available

  • Sustainability – local trainers and training reduces travel for both trainers and students alike 

  • Motivation for trainers and prospective trainers – reward and motivate your experienced staff by adding an opportunity to pass on their knowledge and experience 

  • Loop learning – helping continuous improvement within the organisation 

  • Ownership of materials and updates – the opportunity to 

One of the risks of TtT is that the link to external good practice can be lost and training can go out of date. To help mitigate this we offer services such as;

  • Routine updates and video briefings for trainers as a service

  • Sending potential new slides and content when it is available

  • Coaching and supporting trainers

  • Providing a point of contact for difficult or new questions


We can support the development of train the trainer programmes and can continue to help with oversight of trainers, materials and testing, including via video link.
Contact us to discuss Train the Trainer for your organisation, we offer branded and ‘white label’ training and materials.


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