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We offer a flexible range of training options from ‘off the shelf’ to customised and fully bespoke training.

Our advisers and trainers add context with sector, organisational or change need specific case studies or content.

Choose from a range of testing and evaluation options from simple multiple choice to written responses, presentations, group projects and interviews.

We're aligned to the requirements of all major global standards and specifications for Asset, Risk and Information Management – ISO 55001 & 31000 the 39 Subjects, the IIMM. 

Take a look at some example training programmes




 Training Course Feedback 


  • "I really enjoyed the three days. Excellent content, course material and delivery."
    Regional Asset Planning Specialist – Water Industry


  • "An excellent course with good pace. The use of exercises break up the sessions very well."
    European Affairs Manager – Water Industry


  • "I really enjoyed the course and I will apply the knowledge learned from this course in my daily activities. [It was] definitely worth attending." 
    Senior Asset Planning Engineer – Water Industry


  • "An excellent course and professionally presented. [A] complex topic was made very understandable in a digestible and enjoyable way. [I] would recommend [this course] to other colleagues."  
    Risk Lead – Water Industry


  • "An excellent course and [it] has sparked a lot of further queries and ways to improve by incorporating [the] approach into [my] current role."  
    Risk Lead – Water Industry


  • "Ark keeps the room alert and interested. It’s a compact course through three days that are not at all difficult to sit on."
    Asset Operations Portfolio Specialist – Water Industry


  • "The course content and trainer brought the discipline of Asset Management to life with easy to understand, real life examples." 
    Senior Planning Engineer – Water Industry


  • "A really engaging session on all three days – not due to the content, but how it was delivered and presented. The use of practical and relevant examples to back up all of the subject matter was excellent. The course , it’s objectives and the context where always clear."
    Business Development Manager – Service provider to asset organisation.


  • "Excellent instructors. Very clear real-life examples [were] given for any and all questions. It made the course enjoyable." 
    Operations Specialist - Service provider to asset organisation.


  • "Overall an excellent course. The business examples really helped. [I] liked how the course felt tailored to the group."
    Senior Manager - Service provider to asset organisation.


  • "Excellent delivery and passion for the subject matter led to a very engaged audience. [There was a] good balance of presentation, discussion and exercises."
    CEO - Service provider to asset organisation.




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